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It runs the Status Net microblogging software, version" INDEXU Footprints inurl:suggest_inurl:top_"INDEXU 5.4.0" Webmini Footprints inurl:p/0/asc inurl:a/0/asc Hurricane Footprints Powered by Katalog Stron Hurricane V Free Globes Footprints inurl:SEOKatalog Footprints "Powered by SEOKatalog" Webalizer Footprints "Generated by Webalizer Version" "usage statistics" "Summary Period: August 2008" inurl:usage_200811 html Kick Apps platform Footprints "You can join by using one of our existing provider accounts: " “Social Media Platform by Kick Apps” “Powered by Kick Apps” inurl:user/display User Register Action E-Blah Footprints “powered by E-Blah” By explaining computer security and outlining methods to test computer systems for possible weaknesses, this guide provides the tools necessary for approaching computers with the skill and understanding of an outside hacker.

So you can search something like this to find keywordluv enabled blog Your keyword “Enter Your [email protected] Keywords” Intense debate blogs allow HTML in the comment.

You can you use your URL in the intense debate profile also.

Board” Fireboard Forum Footprints "powered by Fireboard" Snitz Forums Footprints "powered by snitz forums" intext:"snitz forums" inurl:/forum/intext:"snitz forums 2000" inurl:/forum/intext:"snitz forums 2011" inurl:/forum/intext:"snitz forums 2012" inurl:/forum/Invision Power Board Footprints “Powered by Invision Power Board” “Powered by Invision Power Board(U) v1.3 Final” intext:“Powered by Invision Power Board” inurl:action=register intext:“Powered by Invision Power Board” inurl:register intext:“Powered by Invision Power Board” inurl:/users/register "Powered By IP. action=register "powered by Simple Machines" inurl:/index.php? action=register Web 2.0 Footprint "powered by wordpress" "powered by blogger" "powered by tumblr" "Create a free website with weebly" "Powered By Elgg" intitle:"powered by jcow" We won't display your email address Forums Signatures Footprints inurl:"Find all posts by""Find all threads started by""Total Posts: 0" "signature" nurl:"Find all posts by""Find all threads started by""Total Posts: 0" "signature" "powered by phpbb" "Total Posts: 0" "signature" "powered by vbulletin" "Find all posts by""Find all threads started by""Total Posts: 0" "signature" No Follow Free Blog Footprints keyword “Comments links could be nofollow free” Comment Luv Blog Footprints Keyword(s) “Enable Comment Luv” Top Comments Blog Footprints Keyword(s) “Top Commenter” Keyword(s) “Top Commenters” "top commenters" "powered by wordpress" Keyword “Top Commenters” or “Top Commenter” “Top Commenters” or “Top Commenter” inurl:201.

“Top Commenters” or “Top Commenter” inurl:2012 Lifetype comments Footprints "Powered by Lifetype" "add comment" Plogger comments Footprints "Powered by Plogger" "Post a comment:" Squidoo comments Footprints site:"add to this list" site: : Tags" KEYWORD Hub Pages comments Footprints site: Hub KEYWORD "Hot Hubs" Multiply comments Footprints site:"Add a Comment" S9Y Footprints "Powered by s9y" "Powered by s9y" comment "Powered by s9y" "add comment" Mephisto Footprints "A Blogging Platform” "powered by Mephisto" comment XOOPS Footprints inurl:userinfo.php?

If they are ranking high in search engine, find out why.

site:inurl:blog site:inurl:forum site:inurl:blog site:inurl:forum site:inurl:blog “post a comment” intitle:add url “keyword phrase” intitle:submit site “keyword phrase” intitle:submit url “keyword phrase” intitle:add site “keyword phrase” intitle:add your site “keyword phrase” intitle:directory “keyword phrase” intitle:list “keyword phrase” intitle:sites “keyword phrase” simply copy any one line in Google search, replace keyword phrase with your keyword and hit enter.

With the proper use of Google dorks, you can find quality blogs for commenting under your niche.

You can just comment with your link in the HTML tag to build links.

The syntax for a search query is Your keyword “Allowed HTML tags:” Expression engine powered forum lets you add links in the signature, the links are dofollow by default.

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All the blogs that use Comment Luv have the text “This blog uses premium Comment Luv” So we are going to put this text in quotes.

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