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In a series first, Glover's debut album, Music Speaks, was available for pre-order immediately following the finale broadcast.This was the only season to feature Carey and Minaj as judges, who both decided to leave the show in May 2013 to focus on their music careers.Unlike previous seasons, the groups in the group round were chosen by the producers, although each group was able to select a song from a list of twenty songs to perform.The males performed February 6 and 7 and the females performed February 13 and 14.The contestants sang a cappella solos in groups of eight and the judges chose only a few of them to move on to group round that same night and for the first time, the producers picked the groups.

The judges picked 20 males and 20 females to perform in front of a live studio audience at The Beatles Love by Cirque De Soleil at The Mirage. The semi-finals round took place at The Beatles Love by Cirque De Soleil at The Mirage.Producer Nigel Lythgoe indicated on January 9, 2013, that during the Hollywood rounds, the girls and boys would perform on separate weeks.The separation of the sexes would continue in the Vegas round right up until the Top 10.Each group performed in front of the judges and a studio audience, singing a standard ninety-second solo with the judges critiquing them at the end.When everyone had performed, they were called out one by one to face the judges, who would either eliminate them or advance them to the live semi-final voting round.

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Voters are able to allocate any number of votes for one contestant or multiple contestants, for a total of fifty votes, across all online voting destinations.

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