Is nick and miley dating is kylie jenner dating cody

, to find out what happened behind the scenes of how their career got started and their big breakup in 2013.

While the documentary followed them as they became superstars, it also briefly talked about their work on Disney, including their big cameo on .

“We met on her set, I believe, and we dated,” the actor told Jimmy Kimmel. ” This teen heartthrob swooped the young Disney star off her feet and they soon become the most popular Disney couple to date – yup, Niley was a thing!

But sadly, the pressure of a relationship so young got in between the pair.

Miley Cyrus hasn’t been shy of lip-locking with girls and guys, twerking on tours and generally showing too much PDA.

Her sexuality has been scrutinized, her every date publicized and her love life has literally been a fairytale roller coaster.

Maybe that’s why the relationship didn’t last much longer?! They seemed like the perfect match until they started splitting and making up for a number of years.

However, they reveal that they're more interested with working with her dad than the young age of 9 where they shared their first kiss.Although very young at the time, their sweet little relationship blossomed into an unforgettable one.singer reportedly hooked up once during Justin’s split with Selena, which according to the tabloids, left Miley pregnant! But hey, ya never know what goes on behind closed doors… It was rumored that the two had the ‘hots’ for each other but their hectic schedules got in the way of a budding romance. It was rumored that Miley and Jared Leto were strictly ‘friends with benefits’ and hooking up behind closed doors in 2014.Lutz always denied rumors that they were a couple from the get-go, saying “Are we dating? But this ‘no strings attached’ relationship didn’t last long.

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