Is vanessa simmons still dating mike wayans

The show presents the oldest daughters of Joseph Simmons, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, and illustrates their new life in Los Angeles.

Differently from “Run’s House” which mostly portrayed family’s life, in this show the sisters are pictured along with their friends.

Overall, Vanessa has appeared in more than 20 TV series and shows, as well as almost 10 films on the big screen.

Besides her acting career, in 2012 together with her sister, Angela, she launched a sneaker footwear line called Pastry Footwear, which was inspired by the hip-hop culture.

She is primarily a TV personality and business woman, perhaps best known for her role in her family’s MTV reality show “Run’s House”.

Even though the show was cancelled in 2009, Vanessa continued her acting career on television by featuring together with her sister Angela in the next, no less popular than previous one MTV reality show called “Daddy’s Girls”.

She is the daughter of Joseph Simmons, co-founder of Run-DMC, and Valerie Vaughn.

She attended St John’s University, New York, from where she graduated with a communications degree.

Sources have estimated that Vanessa has a net worth of million, accumulated during her professional career spanning only 10 years.

Vanessa Simmons grew up in Los Angeles, California.

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