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Both Miriam Grunbaum and her husband are the children of German-Jewish immigrants.After World War II, her parents went to the United States; his, to Palestine.In the United States, the bride's family's obligations tend to end with the wedding, notes Avissar.In Israel, parents tend to provide financial help "on what seems to be an ongoing and permanent basis." Since learning is a two-way street, intercultural marriages often have an enviable richness.The Reform temple was the focal point of Jewish life, providing a sense of community and a way to express her religion.Kellman has fond memories of "going to temple on the High Holy Days, fasting on Yom Kippur, singing and dancing around the Torah on Simchat Torah." She would like to give her children the same experience, but her husband, a third-generation sabra, believes otherwise.

It wasn’t difficult because Israeli men are usually straightforward and spontaneous."We're bringing about some changes as well as being changed," says Judith Even-Ari, an active U. feminist who married "a typical macho Israeli." Despite that, Even-Ari, a Jerusalem resident, has managed to create with her husband "sharing frameworks" for child care and household chores.So have many of her American friends married to Israelis, she says."I trust Arabs who are Israeli citizens while he doesn't," she says."He feels that liberalism is a luxury that Israel cannot yet afford.

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