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The way we live and experience sex is also sign of such differences.

Even within Italy, we think and speak about sex in different manners but, while it’s impossible to say every Italian thinks the same way about it, without a doubt there is a common substratum we can outline.

So here, in the nation that made of Latin Lovers a symbol of its prestige around the world, people’ve been losing interest in sex.

Sexuality was a private matter then, but things changed, in Italy as everywhere else in the world, especially after the cultural and social movements of the 1960s, when sexuality turned into a symbol of freedom and personal affirmation, especially for women.

Earlier sex, however, seems to come with some extra issues: data show that the majority of young sexually active Italians snobs contraception and that the rates of both teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections have been rising: we do it earlier, but are we mature enough to do it?

Our idea of sex and the way the nation relates to it has changed.

But all in all, even if they do it less, Italians will always love sex: it is, in the most beautiful and complete of its descriptions, a moment of joy and life, a time of immense freedom and sharing and, well, the ultimate way to show one’s charms.

And there isn’t anything Italians love more than joy, life, freedom and being charming. The answer, really, remains very subjective, but we certainly remain enamored with the idea of still being the best lovers in the world.

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