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Giving up the company of all householders whomsoever, he meditated.

Asked, he gave no answer; he went, and did not transgress the right path.

Sagarmal Jain divides the history of Jaina yoga and meditation into five stages, 1. canonical age (fifth century BCE to fifth century CE), 3.

post-canonical (sixth century CE to twelfth century CE), age of tantra and rituals (thirteenth to nineteenth century CE), modern age (20th century on).

According to Samani Pratibha Pragya, early Jain texts like the Uttarādhyayana-sūtra and the Āvaśyaka-sūtra are also important sources for early Jain meditation.In this state, due to the efficacy of dharma, one’s conduct becomes purified.One is beloved among beings and single-mindedly devoted to dharma. Zydenbos to call Jainism, essentially, a system of yogic thinking that grew into a full-fledged religion.It describes Mahavira as practicing intense austerities, fasts (most commonly three days long, as extreme as six months of fasting) and meditations.In one instance he practiced standing meditation for sixteen days and nights.

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