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But fear was rife among the Druze, and for six years following their leader's disappearance, they hid.

In an event arranged by the International Committee of the Red Cross inseven Druze brides in elaborate white gowns crossed the Israel-Syrian border to marry bridegrooms in the Golan Heights, according to a report in the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California.

Bodies are interred druze dating vrij ground, druze dating vrij by monuments ranging from the very simple to the highly elaborate.

BIRTH The birth of a baby, especially a son, is cause for celebration, with a typical gathering including family members and friends and gift giving.

Nothing of a physical or sexual nature is ever brought up in conversation, especially with elders.

Their cultural ties, more than their religious bonds, are what bind the Druze together in their adopted countries.

In the past, men were given Muslim names such as Mahmud, Ali or Muhammad; now, a Druze boy is more likely to be called Samir, Samih, Amin or Fawzi, names of no particular religious significance.

Although they live in various parts of the world, the Druze have a flag, which strengthens their sense of unity.

In places where there are no butcher shops, animals are slaughtered infrequently, and the meat is eaten the same day.

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If the extended family cannot take care of a member, the larger community will find a means of support.

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