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Ever since I started the “Dating in Japan” series people kept asking me about how and where to find a Japanese partner, especially when living outside of Japan.So, I figured I should at least share my personal experience a bit.After I had left Japan I was a bit afraid that I might lose my Japanese, so I wanted to connect with Japanese people or at least people who’re interested in Japan.I found “worldfriends” to be a great resource for cultural exchange, finding language exchange partners, but also for dating.Regular readers of my blog know that I’ve left Japan about a year ago.So, for the first time in almost a decade I’m in the same shoes as most of my readers.

Some of them live in Japan, some of them here in Germany. So, I can totally see how one would find a partner through such a dating site. *g* I guess through this experience my image of dating sites also has changed a bit.How can I connect with Japanese people when I’m outside of Japan? Today I want to share my personal experience with certain websites, because I hate recommending stuff I haven’t tried myself.I hope it’ll help you in finding a Japanese partner.That’s also the reason why I always hesitated to use one.I’ve known about “Japan Cupid” for many years, but being the paranoid girl I am, I was too afraid to use it while I still lived in Japan. It is similar to “worldfriends”, but the main focus is clearly on dating.

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  1. People started referring to going on dates as "hanging out" or "hooking up." The expectation that dates were part of the path leading from meeting to marriage had begun to wither, and premarital sex was becoming more common.

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