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Name: Jeanette Aw 姓名: 欧萱 Date of Birth: 28TH JUNE 1979 Horoscope: CANCER Blood Group: AB Height: 163CM Weight: 44KG Dialect Group: Hokkien Family Members: Father, Mother, Brother & Sister Pet(s) At Home: Maltese Language Ability: Mandarin, English, Cantonese Personality: Perfectionist Interest: Reading Books, Watch Movies, Writing, Jigsaw Puzzles Motto: Simplicity Schools: Raffles Girls’ Primary School [In gymnatics] Crescent Girls’ Secondary School [In gymnastics and band playing the saxophone] National Junior College [Swimming Team for a year] National University of Singapore [Theatrical Studies & Psychology ][President of the NUS Dance Ensemble] Food: 小笼包, Dim Sum, Rojak, Po Piah, Japanese food, Korean food, Italian Snacks: Chocolate Cakes, Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Cartoon Character: Strawberry Shortcake Season: Autumn Number: No favorite number Singer: Beyonce, Alicia Keys Song: Love, Me Music Type: Instrumental music, Classical Colour: White, Pink Country: England Festival: No Particular Festival Animal: Dolphin Movie: Love Actually Movie Stars: Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt Movie Genre: Romantic Comedy, Animation. Collectibles: Precious Moments Sports: Skipping, Swimming, Running Book: Too many books that I like.Vacation Destination: Venice Food: Nothing in particular, I’m not too picky with my food.I’ve always believed in the need to renew and reinvent the self, and reignite the passion along the way,” she added.In an interview with Toggle, Aw shared, “I guess sometimes I meet with certain frustrations at work and being vocal isn’t a good idea at all.And I’m done with always being on the receiving end of instructions and not being able to contribute in a bigger way.”Aw, who spent the last 15 years with Mediacorp and Hype Records, also thanked the media for their care and concern and for “respecting and giving her the space she needed”.Aw leaves at the height of her career, having been awarded the “All-Time Favourite Artiste” and “Best Actress” awards within the last three years at the annual Star Awards.Jeanette’s first breakthrough role came in the form of a simple-minded but kind-hearted Mo Jingjing in the long-running drama "Holland V" in Year 2003.Her meteoric rise was evident in her reception of the Best Newcomer Award in 2002, and Best Actress nominations in the 20 Star Awards for her roles in Holland Village and A Child's Hope 2 respectively.

Also I had a character with a quirky personality, hard to fathom and so temperamental.There are many others I believe (from other dramas) but I can’t recall them for now. This is just one example that just hit me, something that would be good to try.There are so many characters that I’ve never tried before. There are so many fantastic roles created every day.It was heart-breaking to lose her day by day like this.Before she passed away, she sent me two SMSes, but due to faulty networks, I only received them after she died.

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