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Mt, 16: 18) and the mission received by the Risen One (cf. It is he who initiates the preaching of the kerygma on the day of Pentecost (cf.

Let us too ask the Holy Spirit for the strength not to be afraid of those who command us to be silent, who slander us and even threaten our life.

Jehovah’s Witnesses organization like just about any other cult believes that they are the only people who have God’s backing, and like any other cult out there have created outrageous rules for themselves that can only make sense to them and them alone.

Here are 12 most outrageous facts about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Acts 3: 6) – so says Peter to the lame man – but are strong in Jesus’ name.

In their eyes, as in the eyes of the Christians of all times, the sick are the privileged recipients of the joyful proclamation of the Kingdom, they are brothers in whom Christ is present in a particular way, to allow Himself to be sought and found by all of us (cf. The sick are the privileged for the Church, for the priestly heart, for all the faithful.

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