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Of course, I would want my son’s music with his band, Maudlin Strangers.I’d also be pretty satisfied with the Beach Boys, Bread, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, [1975]. When were on tour, I always had to bring my turntable. When we were on tour, Bread was playing somewhere with opening act Jelly. Sandy West [drums] and I sat on the side of the stage as their guest and watched the concert. When it was time for David Gates to deliver “If,” Sandy and I both started crying. She was unequivocally a great woman [West succumbed to lung cancer on October 21, 2006].I’m astounded at how many people rip other people off and steal. I’ve been very lucky that my fans have enabled me to experience a degree of success as an artist in various forms.

Even though we’re divorced, we love each other more now than we ever did when we were married. Image Credit: Courtesy of Cherie Currie What are you most passionate about?

While immediate bona fide success eluded them in the states, Japan was another story, with sold out concerts, all-night parties, trashed hotel rooms, and intoxicating drugs on every corner.

Inner band turmoil, financial mismanagement, and substance abuse governed Currie’s hand-wringing decision to leave the band in late 1977.

You can survive anything if you believe in yourself. The only reason why anybody ever gets into anybody else’s business is either because they’re afraid or they don’t believe they can do it themselves so they have to stop their friends or loved ones from pursuing their dreams. People are missing out on who they are because they have this public forum that they can just ask any Tom, Dick or Harry, ‘Should I do this or should I do that? Go out, take a hike, go in the mountains somewhere, or camp for a few days.

We’ve become a mediocre society because of Facebook and all these social sites where everybody has to ask permission or ask everybody’s opinion on whatever issue. Ask yourself this important question: Why am I here? Because the answer is there, and it’s been there since the day you were born. But the thing is — I’m glad that I see through the bulls — t.

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