Jonas dating selna gomez

"She's wearing his diabetes or medical necklace." (Nick has Type 1 diabetes.)But years later, the a couple that since has moved on.

If you looked at the current entertainment headlines, you'd think it was 2008 again.

Leave it to the British to conjure up some cheeky celebrity dirt.

Appearing on Nick Grimshaw's popular BBC radio show this week, Nick Jonas was pranked by Selena Gomez, and she got his heart racing.

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Nick agreed to play along with one of the host's recurring segments, which found him attached to a heart rate monitor to see how hot and bothered he would get when asked particular questions about his personal life.

Selena was quick to pounce about their short-lived romantic past, thanks to a voice recording."Hello Nicholas, it's Selena Gomez," she cooly recited. If not, I failed."Letting the moment sink in and while his heart rate soared to astronomical heights, Nick took a breath and clarified what it exactly meant.

"There's a camaraderie there, a sort of unspoken brother and sisterhood.

In fact, they both have something in common besides Nick—they both had to drop the Disney persona."Every single girl has done it completely differently," Selena tells the magazine when asked to compare her transition to Miley's.

"Obviously, she wouldn't want to be doing what I'm doing, and I wouldn't want to be doing what she's doing.

@jonaspleasure Selena and Nick didn't have the relationship dreams were made of, which is weird considering they were the two cutest teens around at the time.

Selena and her current-but-also-ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber have revealed that in her relationship with Jonas, Selena was often kept at a distance.

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