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DOCTORS wear the round bell sleeve; the gown is faced down the front and barred on the sleeves with black velvet or color indicating the degree; the doctor's hood is large. Ashton DOCTOR OF HUMANITIES Presented by President Jeffrey R. Brown, then president of the British Mission, bid adieu to the young Elder Marvin J.

During those years he also worked half days at the family store.As he matured he also helped in his father's hardware store.After graduating from high school, Marvin enrolled in the University of Utah School of Business.In the years that followed, four children, two boys and two girls, were born into the Ashton home.Elder Ashton has frequently said of his wife, "Norma is the best thing that ever happened to me." President of Associated Students, Norma graduated from the University of Utah with highest honors and began work as a schoolteacher.

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