Katharina von der leyen dating

With strengthening statements, witty quotes and self-care tips, this lil’ book is here to help you love and care for yourself.

Bind: paperback Pages: 192 Dimensions: 125 x 175 mm Publication Date: If laughter is the best medicine, this colossal compendium is an overdose waiting to happen!

With gags grouped into sections ranging from marriage and mothers-in-law to health and holidays, there’s something for everyone in these jest-packed pages.

Side effects may include split sides and a sore jaw.

For example, the seasoned dog expert recommends sharing a roast beef sandwich with your dog at least once—and sure, it could also be a bologna or cheese sandwich. Because sharing food—or breaking bread together, to use a more biblical turn of phrase—connects not just people, but humans and their dogs.

Going rowing together, as another example, is an excellent activity to see if your dog trusts you.

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