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ALWAYS a GOOD feeling to have support and Love from the people close to you.

Mayweather told her, "get what you want, the money don’t stop.”Floyd and Keyshia have been spotted together quite a bit this past week.Keyshia attended Floyd's daughter's sweet 16 party and the Mayweather Promotions fights over the weekend.Mayweather really topped everything off by buying Keyshia a brand new Mercedes-Benz.However, for Keyshia, “age ain’t nothing but a number, but an excuse,” which is the caption she used to recently post on Instagram about her new man.In the post, Niko was seen sitting in Keyshia’s Rolls Royce, rapping about his love for his older woman, in a song titled, “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,” much like the one R. This wasn’t the first time Keyshia posted her new boo, she also defended her love for him to fans who had been clownin’ her decision to date such a young dude, a few days prior.

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For the past few weeks, rumors have been heating up the internet, that she was dating a cat who’s young enough to be her nephew, so to speak.

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  1. Movie is about 14 year old teenager having relationship with almost 50 years old men so it can get really awkward for someone while watcing it, but the actors are good looking and that makes it easier to watch it, so be prepared for that.