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Kim Hee-chul is a South Korean singer/songwriter, actor and presenter who goes by the stage name Mononym Heechul.He is a member of Super Junior (South Korean boy group) and has also participated in the group’s subgroup Super Junior-T and other project groups like Universe Cowards with Min Kyung-hoon and Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo.In an interview on He disclosed that his first reaction to the rumor was to actually begin a process of growing his beard and to cut his hair.Kim also said he was not in a hurry to strongly deny the claims as he believed doing so would appear rude and could hurt someone else’ feelings.From music, Kim Hee-Chul ventured into acting which he has also done amazingly well in.His first role as an actor was as Baek Jin-woo in the Season Two of Sharp 2 – a teen drama which also starred Kibum and labelmates, Go Ara.In 2004, Kim Hee-Chul bagged a Bachelor’s degree in English tourism translation from Sangji Youngsoe College and a B.

After that, he hosted his first music show His musical career began in 2002 when he saw Korean singer/songwriter and music producer Psy singing “Champion” on a TV program.

Having signed the deal, he officially became a trainee with the company and began training in acting, dancing, singing and in other artistic areas like modeling and hosting.

For a start, Hee-Chul was placed in Four Season – a four-member group which had Kangin, Jaejoong, and Yunho as team members; the group was, however, disintegrated in 2003 after Jaejoong and Yunho joined TVXQ.

His is currently rumored to be dating a mystery girl for about two years now; however, we have not been able to verify the claims at the moment nor the name of the said girl, thus, Kim could be single at the moment.

Till he confirms a relationship, we just have to keep our fingers crossed.

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