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However predictably, the three standards of hallyu – Korean dramas, Korean films and K-pop – received the most votes.

I was a little surprised by how popular the variety shows were though.

However, I have tried to do my best to write this article as an amalgamation of the research – both online and offline – and not a reflection of what I think.

That being said, it does contain some observations to lend some weight and substance to the actual survey answers and informal interviews.

Yeah, culture plays a part but you never know if you don’t try.

Yeah, I know it’s similar to the first question but it truly is a different question.

So a little advice to those Korean guys who are nervous about asking out a non-Koreans (or non-Asian) girl, your chances are pretty much the same as with a Korean girl.

Remember girls are girls, regardless of their race or nationality.

Many of my guy friends didn’t think that hallyu was having much effect on dating (for a variety of reasons) but when pressed, admitted that they had noticed a difference. We’ll give you the results in chart form so you can get the overall picture and then we’ll discuss some of the additional survey answers, observations from my friends and from the email response.

Now I knew my survey pool was already tainted by the fact that the majority of people who read ATK Magazine are interested in Korean culture and that it would make the answers to the previous questions a little over-inflated.

This question however, relied on the fact that the respondents were interested in hallyu and I was impressed by the honesty of the answers.

It’s also interesting to note that none of the guys thought that the variety shows had any effect and they thought film had very little effect.

I was able to get some very detailed answers from a Korean-American who brought up some points I’d heard and written about (the influence of Orientalism and the influence of Western media on Western women’s perception of Korean/Asian guys) and some new ones which I will share.

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