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Derek – Very likeable, love the way he tries to keep the peace. Wonder what causes the big fight between Emilee and Aiiiya.Bronne – The one I keep wanting to forget, waiting for his purpose on the show to be revealed. Below are some photos of the cast member MTV Has announced their newest RW/RR challenge!Here’s my summary of each of the housemates –Emilee = Total drama queen.Bears a striking resemblance to Mallory of Real World Paris.She believes that if God were to have another son, it would be Evan. Despite being sent home with a hernia, he was a dominating force on the playing field.Will a healthy Evan be able to claim victory for the Great White North?A cocky Canadian, Evan is a sweet-talking flirt whose bigger-than-life personality wins over friends easily.He's also a strong athlete who is an attractive alliance partner by just about anyone who is in The Challenge.

So what is Evan's reaction when he discovers who his rival partner is?

Since being part of the losing team on The Gauntlet III -- where a technicality (Eric passed out and didn't cross the finish line) kept the Veterans from taking the prize -- Evan has "been trying to get laid as much as possible." In New Zealand, though, this aggressive competitor will be trying to do just one thing: win. He took home the 0,000 grand prize on The Duel II and now Evan will try and do it once again on The Ruins.

A master strategist, this charming Canadian has perfected the art of smiling in your face, while stabbing you in the back.

CJ – Insanely gorgeous but a jerk, and was definitely looking for a reason to break up with his girlfriend from back home.

Jasmine – So so for the moment, don’t like the way she seems to follow what the other girls (Emilee and Aiiiya) are doing. Aiiiya – Something about her just rubs you the wrong way, or maybe it’s just me. I am somewhat hooked now, and can’t wait to see the next episode.

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