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Luckett's mother requested the contracts be reviewed by an attorney, but Knowles denied the request.

However, Luckett eventually signed with him and joined the group.

"The lady just gave me the mic one Sunday and I sang," she recalled.

Shortly thereafter, she joined the children's choir and began performing in plays at her elementary school.

After several auditions, Naty Quinones and Tiffany Beaudoin were selected as members.

The group recorded a 22-song demo in Atlanta, Georgia, with the help of R&B group Jagged Edge.

The group also appeared in Jagged Edge's video for "Where the Party At (Remix)".

She's part of the cast of the feature films Killers and From the Rough and had a recurring role on the second season of the HBO TV series Treme, and on the third season of the VH1 TV series Single Ladies.

Shortly following the release of Destiny's Child's Survivor, Luckett and Roberson filed another lawsuit against the group in March 2002.

They claimed that the album's lead single, "Survivor", violated their previous settlement due to its lyrics.

The album had also been released in a "Houston Special Edition" which included a bonus track where Luckett sung lead in alongside all other members entitled "Can't Help Myself".

In late 1999, in the midst of the group's success and rise, Luckett and Roberson asserted that they wanted their own manager because of the increasing lack of communication with manager Mathew Knowles.

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When the music video for "Say My Name" debuted in February 2000, they were replaced by two new members, Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin.

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