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Washington: Office of Air Force History & GPO, 1982. The FULL TEXT is available online at a Do D web site. Washington: Office of Air Force History & GPO, 1981. The 432d had F-4D and RF-4C aircraft; O'Malley flew operational missions in both.

The volumes of this series make up the Air Force's main official history of the war. Ballard, Development and Employment of Fixed-Wing Gunships, 1962-1972. Washington: Office of Air Force History & GPO, 1983. A prosaic accounts of the facts, without much analysis, but this is not a topic that calls for much deep thought. The FULL TEXT is available online at a Do D web site. Futrell and Martin Blumenson, The Advisory Years to 1965. Main text and appendices are on an Air Force web site. Abernathy, Weapons of Choice: The "Propeller versus Jet" Controversy and the "Appropriate Technology" Dilemma. The FULL TEXT is available online at an Air University web site. Soon after, he became vice commander of the 432d TRW, based at Udorn in Thailand. These pages can be found in the first two of the six parts that have been placed online: front matter and pp.

Greenhalgh, Jr., The Air Force in Southeast Asia: The RF-101 VOODOO, 1961-1970.

Available on microfilm #33688 from the Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB. Haas, Apollo's Warriors: US Air Force Special Operations during the Cold War.

Felman, The Military Media Clash and the New Principle of War: Media Spin. Felman does not appear to have made any significant effort to look at what actually appeared in the media during the Vietnam War, when writing the chapter on Vietnam. Fox, Air Base Defense in the Republic of Vietnam, 1961-1973. Maxwell AFB: Aerospace Studies Institute, Air University, 1968.

Jacob Van Staaveren, Gradual Failure: The Air War over North Vietnam, 1965-1966. The FULL TEXT is available online at an Air Force web site. Much of the work was done by private contractors, mainly the Science Applications International Corporation, of Mc Lean, Virginia. A version that has been reformatted to fit onto fewer pages, but not actually abridged so far as I can tell, has been placed online.

HQ PACAF, USAF Force Withdrawal from Southeast Asia, 1 January 1970-30 June 1971.

Headquarters United States Air Force Security Service produced three historical studies that have been placed online as a single by governmentattic.org/.

D 301.2: Ai 7/30/961-73 (or maybe 7/31/961-73) Robert F.

About eighty pages of this large volume are devoted to Vietnam. Suzanne Budd Gehri, Study War Once More: Teaching Vietnam at Air University.

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