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Olive oil is also widely used as a skin ointment for its healing properties and in perfumes and medicines.

Ancient oil lamps in Libya were also kept alight by a regular supply of olive oil; adding a bit of salt around the wick prolongs the life of the lamp and reduces the consumption of oil.

Dates are harvested, dried and stored for the rest of the year; they can be eaten as they are, made into syrup or slightly fried and eaten with "bsisa", or eaten with milk as a delicious delicacy.

This traditional breakfast was very common in Libya until recently, when many of the traditional dishes and foods began to slowly disappear into the corridors of darkness, and supplanted by modern, bland, fat-rich foods.

After all the empty glasses are half-full with froth, the hot tea is poured over the froth and served hot.

The trick to produce the froth is to lift one mug as high as possible, by stretching your arm over your head, while pouring the content into the other mug, and then repeat the process by lowering the raised hand and rising the other one, and so on until enough froth has been produced.

Olive oil is the main ingredient of nearly any dish or meal in Libya, and it is almost impossible to prepare any Libyan food without it.

In special occasions and for those who still follow the old tradition, the tea is first poured into another mug, and then using two mugs, one continuously empties the content of one mug into the other and then back into the original mug for at least twenty or thirty times, to produce what the Libyans call or foam, which is steadily added to one glass at a time as being made.

The image on the right shows the seed, housed inside the date, which will go on to become another Palm.

There are four main ingredients of traditional Libyan food: olives (and olive oil), palm dates, grains and milk.

After boiling water in a traditional tea pot, one adds a handful of red tea leaves, and leaves to boil for a long time (ten to twenty minutes).

Remove the pot from the fire, open the lid, add some sugar, and boil again for a few more minutes.

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