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The court can grant a divorce even if only one spouse wants to end the marriage.If you’d still like to give marital counseling a try, do so before you file for divorce.Therefore, a stipulation and order is an agreement that becomes a court order.Possibly the easiest way to sell the house during a divorce is through a written and signed agreement between the spouses that then becomes a court order. Speak to your family law attorney about the terms that fit your needs.You should know that, absent extreme circumstances, you and your spouse will end up sharing custody of the children.It’s a good idea to sit down and carefully review your work schedule, your children’s schedule, and your other obligations and come up with your desired schedule for custody.If you can come up with a arrangement that gives both you and your spouse time with the children, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of most people who file for divorce.

For more information, see What to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer. Your financial account records, phone records, mortgages, and car notes are all likely relevant to the divorce.Save yourself potential future headaches by getting your hands on the documents ahead of time.If you have children, their custody situation is probably at the forefront of your mind when getting a divorce.Avoid lawyers who offer you solutions before listening to the particular facts of your case.Attorneys come at different price points and experience levels.

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