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This is our second week and I am still trying to contact the right person to get the matter resolved.Once again I need to reiterate that this server is not operated by Nest and thus out of our control, I can only wish for the goodwill of others to get it fixed.28th May 2019 We currently have a number of cameras offline.Both the Market webcams stopped during the night, we don't know why.He tells me they have had some issues their end and expect to make contact with us again soon to organise a redesign of the website.22nd August 2019 We understand that the person who will get the server details to us is on holiday, he should be back on 27th August 21st August 2019 Here is an update on the status of the Webcams. Sure have been very good to us and offered their server facilities, however they have not yet given us details of the server to allow us to send the site setup details.I have just emailed again (1500hrs) and hope this will get it up and running again by end of the day.

This does not include a trail camera that records photographic or video data for later use (such as on an SD card), provided the device is not capable of transmitting wirelessly.Keep an eye on the news page for how we are progressing 17th July 2019 Having investigated the issue of no webcams we have concluded the problem is with the central server.This is not owned by us and out of our control as it is operated by a third party.The unanimous decision, reached following a thorough public input process by the Commission and the department, has prompted a Supplemental Rule Making process that will include a 30-day public comment period beginning in July.The final rule will be presented to the Commission at its Sept.

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