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Total 4 programs are given in TCP/IP protocol based communication. 4th application – Chat Program Java: Chat communication (two-way continuous) This is the last one of the four series where client and server talks continuously until one disconnets. Fw-300 #ya-qn-sort h2 /* Breadcrumb */ #ya-question-breadcrumb #ya-question-breadcrumb i #ya-question-breadcrumb a #bc .ya-q-full-text, .ya-q-text #ya-question-detail h1 html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] .ya-q-full-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] .ya-q-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] .ya-q-full-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] .ya-q-text html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] #ya-question-detail h1, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] #ya-question-detail h1 /* Trending Now */ /* Center Rail */ #ya-center-rail .profile-banner-default .ya-ba-title #Stencil . Bgc-lgr .tupwrap .comment-text /* Right Rail */ #Stencil . Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .Chat with them share your experiences & emotions and have fun. Stranger chat rooms provide both text and video chat. Meet strangers as a stranger, you may find them interesting and no more strangers! You may find best people out there and can make plenty of new friends. You can also download your conversation history, add numbers to your contact lists or close a chat using the wheel icon on the right side of the screen.

But, in the program no stream is closed; so, it is necessary to flush the data explicitly with flush() method. Coffee cup on the frame title bar can be changed with your photo. Size of the button depends on the layout manager you choose. The space along the border of the frame and components inside can be adjusted.

Chat communication is the process of exchanging messages between two systems continuously. Both systems come with the following same responsibilities.

As the responsibilities are same, both client and server programs contain the same stream objects and same code.

The order of using stream objects varies in the while loop.

Client program: Gossip The flush() method of Print Stream class flushes any uncleared buffers in memory. Components can be added without using layout manager.

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