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now let’s stop right now and make something very clear: If we possess the truth, it doesn’t give us the right to be unkind to those who disagree.

At that time, three reputable laboratories in Oxford, Zurich and Tucson, Arizona, concluded that the cloth on which the smudged outline of the body of a man is indelibly impressed was a medieval fake dating from 1260 to 1390, and not the burial cloth wrapped around the body of Christ."As unlikely as it seems, the sample used to test the age of the shroud in 1988 was taken from a rewoven area of the shroud.In our modern, sophisticated culture, spirituality gets locked up in a cage.Discussions about religion are not considered ‘polite conversation.’ So nobody talks about it.For example, Hinduism states that divinity is present in everything.There are always more wrong answers to any given question than right ones.

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I would personally *like* to believe that all paths lead to God.

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