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"Enjoy yourself or get to know the person before you talk about exes or widows.""Sex can be scary, especially if you haven't dated in 30 years, so don't let yourself get rushed into something you are not comfortable with," Eaker Weil says."Say, 'I like you and think you are attractive, but I need more time to get to know you,'" she suggests."I finally made a bold move and contacted someone whose profile I'd seen online.Perhaps all service's formats are not the same, but with you can either sit back -- like a princess being pursued -- and wait to be contacted, you can peruse the daily potential matches they send to you, or you can get totally proactive and go fishing in the man gallery," she says. "Don't text someone for two months before meeting them," Eaker Weil says.

"The idea that you can find out everything about a person in 20 minutes is terrible advice," she says. We often idealize their positive [attributes] or exaggerate his or her negative [attributes] on the first date, but in my opinion, it takes at least three dates to gain real perspective on who he or she is and where they are coming from."Maybe you always wanted to learn ballroom dancing.Now is the time."Don't sell yourself -- or your dating pool -- short "I was pleasantly surprised to find the vast number of men in the age group I would consider dating were also interested in my age group," says Smith."I had expected that most 50-plus gentlemen would imagine themselves with a much younger woman with much lower mileage than myself, but I was pleased to find a lot of mature thinking in what this age group was seeking in a companion."That's what Smith did when she met her current beau. Most gray divorcees -- the nickname given to those who divorce after age 50 -- met their spouses the old-fashioned way: on a blind date, at school, on the job, or even at a singles' party.Now websites such as and e Harmony offer singles the opportunity to meet online instead of in person."I can scoot all over the Internet for work, but online dating was a brand new experience," Smith recalls.

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Take me out hit was in the top spot of dating TV a few years back. It’s still a great TV show but the “lighty” is fading. The first round is first impressions when the girls can switch off on first impressions, looks, name and destination alone.

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