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While traveling, I read an ad for It's Just Lunch and decided to give it a try.From the first phone call, the team there made me feel comfortable and confident in its process.Our dating specialists handle everything in a personalized and efficient manner...from finding the right matches to making all the arrangements for the date. I would strongly recommend It’s Just Lunch as a dating service.Bottom line - I think this organization is worth it.I take responsibility for my actions, past and present. I would think AHEAD of time about what you would be willing to pay for different levels of services.

The restaurants chosen by It's Just Lunch had friendly attentive wait staff, great food, and an inviting atmosphere.

Would recommend telling them you'll need a few days to think about it and I would stick to that, no matter how upset or demanding they are haha. *About Debbie - She is a very determined, strong-willed, straightforward and even indifferent person. I was perhaps skeptical at first, mainly because I had no idea I was being transferred to her, but my experiences with her in the past few months have been nothing but positive!

Very professional, very assertive, very energetic & enthusiastic. Felt like I had Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank working for me haha.- I liked that line "you are responsible for what you write" hahaha.

The 'directors' WERE able to take my feedback each time and find some people who had those qualities.

I still think that was pretty rare, and they did deliver.

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(I knew this was going to be an expensive program, and it is, but it would be beneficial to have at least SOMETHING listed on the website, ie how much coaching sessions are.)*Areas for improvement (true for any organization) - Short version for me is I started off working with matchmakers in a local 'field office'.

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