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And then we could think of other underlying causes that would kind of break down the narrative that this piece is trying to say. Maybe it's absolutely true that eating breakfast will fight obesity.

But I think it's equally or more important to think about what the other causes are, not to just make a blanket statement like that. Maybe there's more stress in the-- who knows what it might be?

That we should eat breakfast if we don't want to become obese.

So maybe if you're physically active, that leads to you being hungry in the morning, so you're more likely to eat breakfast. So notice if you view things this way, if you say physical activity is causing both of these, then all of a sudden you lose this connection between breakfast and obesity.

I mean, what's going to happen if you have an obese person who's not physically active? Physical activity maybe is the thing that should be focused on. Maybe you have sleep, maybe people who sleep late and they're not getting enough sleep, maybe that leads to obesity.

And obviously, because they're not getting enough sleep, they wake up as late as possible and they have to run to the next appointment-- or they have to run to school in the case of students-- and maybe that's why they skip breakfast.

But I just want to give you different ways of thinking about the same data and maybe not just coming to the same conclusion that this article seems like it's trying to lead us to conclude.So once again, if you find someone that's obese, maybe the rule here isn't to force a breakfast down your throat.Maybe it will become even worse because maybe it is the lack of sleep that's causing your metabolism to slow down or whatever.Our focus on youth development provides an environment that will help each child build EVERYONE PLAYS, EVERYONE Dates: 6 game season runs Sept. Each player on the field (8 offensive and 8 defense) will wear 2 flags at the .Fayette County Family YMCA Youth Flag Football Registration Form (PLEASE REGISTER FREE Sports******** Single Parent/Family Memberships. The officials will give down, distance, and play number on all plays remaining.

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