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The m SATA socket is suitable for either a SATA SSD, or an USB controlled Mini Card.The SP4-MAMBO is equipped with an on-board Gen2 PCI Express® packet switch and a PCIe to USB 2.0 bridge, and can be installed into any peripheral slot of a Compact PCI® Serial backplane.NOTE: the provenance of this information is unknown; the details are obtained solely from third party information.Multiple PHP remote file inclusion vulnerabilities in the Avant-Garde Solutions MOSMedia Lite (com_mosmedia) 4.5.1 component for Mambo and Joomla!PHP remote file inclusion vulnerability in the Simple RSS Reader (com_rssreader) 1.0 component for Joomla!allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via a URL in the mos Config_live_site parameter.An additional socket is provided for an optional m SATA module.

A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License.Multiple PHP remote file inclusion vulnerabilities in Michael Dempfle Joomla Flash Uploader (com_jfu or com_joomla_flash_uploader) 2.5.1 component for Joomla!allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via a URL in the mos Config_absolute_path parameter to (1) install.joomla_flash_and (2) uninstall.joomla_flash_ In PHP 5.3, this function validates invalid names as valid, which can result in a Local File Inclusion. The autoload code checks classnames to be valid, using the "class_exists" function in PHP.

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