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Many times, the real result was better than you expected.

In love, many people report to me that their ideal partner is nothing like they imagined but more than they could have ever wanted.

My rule: give each person that you have a nice first date with at least two more dates before you decide if they are dead wrong for you.

Have you ever gone on vacation and imagined how the place would look? Think of all the events in your life where you expected a certain outcome and it turned out differently.

You should never, ever settle, but know that the person you are meant to be with will be nothing like you expected.

So I (F30) have been going on dates as of late and I somehow have adapted this mentality where I treat a date as a fun night out with a friend and that has successfully kept my expectations low. Our first date ended up being 5 hour long, he was a perfect gentleman, and I even found out that he actually was looking to have a serious relationship (as am I) .

When you meet a new person, they reveal only their surface qualities at first.

Your initial impression is based on maybe 1% of their total being and is typically physical.

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  1. Initially we knew we wanted to meet but neither of us were expecting anything to really happen Christine was coming to new Zealand from Germany with a dream of living in this country and I was booked to leave New Zealand for a OE adventure working in the UK so how could this ever work, I had two months left in the country before I was due to fly, I met Christine at the airport when she arrived, o gosh I knew I was in trouble just love at first site I knew we were right we both knew it anyway I offered her a place to stay and that I would show her Auckland’s sites and we started a relationship right away, we just wanted to be together just felt right.