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Moreover, the significant concerns raised by the Council Legal Service on the lawfulness of certain provisions of the Regulation cannot be ignored.

The Delegated Regulation is a significant opportunity to ensure that driving becomes a safer and smarter experience for all road users – including cyclists and pedestrians – while fostering innovation in both the automotive and ICT sectors.

In China, 14 OEMs have announced the roll-out of C-V2X as early as 2021.[1] Other global automotive players have committed to deploy e.g. In Europe, the RED certification of a C-V2X technology platform is yet another example of its maturity and commercial readiness[4].

Considering the current global context and developments, Europe risks isolating its automotive industry due to a technology lock-in.

We believe that automakers should be empowered to choose the best and most future-proof technologies.

An increasing number of automotive companies and world regions are already switching from older Wi-Fi-technology to C-V2X. vehicle models starting in 2022[2], while previously announced DSRC deployment (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) have been “paused”[3] for an indefinite period.

Only a technology-neutral, innovation-friendly approach can deliver upon these goals by allowing unhindered market access for the most advanced global standards.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.They are the main drivers of broadband and are committed to its continual growth in Europe.ETNO members are pan-European operators that also hold new entrant positions outside their national markets.If we limit new technologies by mandating their interoperability and compatibility with the old 802.11p devices, this condition would effectively block any innovative technology for the foreseeable future.In other words, if the current Delegated Regulation comes into force by the end of the year, it will mandate Wi-Fi 802.11p as the only technology promoted in Europe.

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