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It is required by many other states and endorsed by the most senior officials in New York State.

Recording of interrogations is effective, necessary, and fiscally responsible - it can save millions the state currently pays out in civil lawsuits.

Indeed, twenty years' worth of social science research on false confessions indicates that having recorded interrogations would dramatically increase the ability of prosecutors, investigators, jurors and judges to assess the validity of a confession.

Second, it is necessary because research indicates that false confessions are quite common; nationwide, 28% of the DNA exonerations involved a false confession or admission, and in New York State, 44 percent of recent DNA exonerations involved a false confession or a false admission.

Video-recorded interrogations can help avert catastrophes of justice like the infamous Central Park Five case, which resulted in false confessions for the five defendants, who were later exonerated.

Even though the defendants confessed on camera, the interrogations were not videotaped.

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