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They're earned with years of diligence, hard work, and self-improvement, with a few good connections tossed in for good measure.

No two success stories are ever the same, and Krasinski is no exception.

It might seem like he's had ten careers in the last decade alone, and during that time his work ethic and endless creativity and passion have delivered a host of already classic entertainment in his wake.

From his career as a rising actor to his many roles as a producer and a director, this Massachusetts native and Red Sox fan has had one of the busiest lives imaginable…and he's still just getting started.

To Krasinski's surprise, Daniels asked if they could use some of it in the show's opener.

That's right, Krasinski had inadvertently helped film that iconic, piano-driven intro that we all love so dearly. The two played the love-struck Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, who we all watched fall in love, hook up, get engaged (who couldn't forget that gas station proposal in the rain? For nine years, the world seemed to live vicariously through the romantic adventures of Jim and Pam, which had the added benefit of cementing Krasinski's new identity as a rising star in the minds the show's numerous fans.

In his excitement over getting the part of Jim, he traveled to the show's real-life setting of Scranton, Pennsylvania, camcorder in hand.

Upon his return, he offered his footage to Greg Daniels, thinking it might make helpful research material.

This could have been a cute romantic comedy, but the barrage of juvenile material and creepy jokes make it unsuitable for just about all audiences. See more » Is it too much to expect even mild entertainment from a Robin Williams film.What happened to the comic genius behind ' Good Morning Vietnam'?The easily recognizable, lanky heartthrob with perpetually tousled hair wasn't going anywhere but up., Jim Halpert wasn't the only role that the ambitious young actor took on during his time at Dunder Mifflin Paper.

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