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It offers two duty-free shops and Wi-Fi, but otherwise there's not much going on in the immediate port area.

Follow the walking path to reach the waterfront of Fort-de-France, or hire one of the plentiful taxis for other points.

An attempt has been made to only list webcams that offer views of the Disney Cruise Line ships, but some just provide a view from the port of call.

Below is a list of webcams for Disney Cruise Line's home ports through the end of the year.

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Located on the southern tip of the island, La Marina Du Marin is the largest anchorage south of the Dominican Republic, and very popular for yacht charters and private boaters.

N´hésitez pas à nous communiquer les URL de webcams en Martinique qui ne seraient pas encore répertoriées sur cette page.

Il est à noter que les image des webcams proviennent de sites tiers et par conséquent la responsabilité de Voyage Séjour Vol Martinique ne saurait être engagée.

La Pagerie is a small museum set at her birthplace and shows her early life on the island; in Fort-de-France you can also see a statue of Josephine that was beheaded and splashed with red paint in 1991 by angry locals who were protesting her pro-slavery stance.

Martinique is a sprawling island, and it's simply too vast to cover everything in a day.

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If a webcam is available, the port name will be clickable taking you directly to the webcam.

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