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I think the article we have non Aristotle was written by a non-scientists.

RK As for the position that science is a religion, that is only a recent ad homenin attack by religious fundamentalists who are fearful of science.

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--Victor Gijsbers Whereas Plato was an idealist and a rationalist who believed that what we see is an imperfect copy of the intelligible Forms, Aristotle thought that what we know of the world must begin with the senses (see materialism and empiricism). The article we have on Aristotle is misleading, if not totally wrong.

Thus, Aristotle set the stage for what would eventually develop into the scientific method centuries later. Aristotle did not in any way practice what we moderns call science!

I thought it was a rather tangential point, myself - better suited to science and religion or some similar article.

Martin I applaud RK's counter-revisionist efforts in the matter of literary criticism, though I'm not sure "socialist" (cf his change summary) is quite the right epithet.

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While living on the island Lesbos, he dissected lots of animals and wrote biological treatises based on what he observed.

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