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They are found underneath the hood of the automobile and are necessary for the wiper arm and the blade to work properly. The vehicle"s oil pan gasket forms a seal between the oil pan"s edge and the engine.These linkage bushings can become damaged through constant use and need to be replaced. The gasket keeps engine oil from leaking from the oil pan.The oil pan must be removed completely from the engine and the engine oil drained from the oil pan in order to repla Read More...Automotive paint jobs run the gamut from plain with no clear-coat finishing to highly customized works of art.Or so I probably will seem to these teenie boppers. I’m afraid to be “stuck” in a room with 18 13-year-olds who all wish they had got into the gardening or robotics apprenticeships and weren’t “stuck” with me for twelve weeks.They want the new fads, the latest and greatest, not a hundreds-of-years-old dusty lacemaking technique. Therefore I need to inspire them from the beginning to want to tat, that tatting is awesome, and that they can do it.The detail given to paint jobs can rival the works of some of the best fine artists.

With six packages from generous tatters, a donation, my own box of de-stashed thread and shuttles, and several clever supply ideas from other tatters, we’ve got just about all the supplies we’ll need.

Studies show that affirmations contribute to our well-being in tangible ways.

Dig in to a year’s worth of positive self-talk from Louise Hay, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle, Shakti Gawain, Marianne Williamson, S&H readers, and more.

If the windows don"t work, any of several issues is likely to blame, including no electricity, bad switches, bad motor, damaged window regulator, or even a br Read More...

You need a helper to make parking brake adjustments to your Dodge Caravan from underneath the vehicle.

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"These are the big questions of the hour," she says.

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