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When Catherine Tate saw the act at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001, it kickstarted Horne’s acting career.He joined the cast of her sketch show as (“Am I bovvered? The international pop star, who Horne has worked with half-a-dozen times in the past, was in Berlin at the time and scheduled to fly home to perform at Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. I know you’re busy...’ “She’s often quite busy,” he adds with a laugh.They were giggling like a pair of school kids and flirting like mad."The funny thing was that she was in a towering pair of heels and he is not the biggest, so he was looking up at her the whole time.This lead to staff writer jobs on Alistair Mac Gowan’s Big Impression, The Graham Norton Show and a number of other BBC sketch and entertainment shows. He told The Guardian: “People often think I’m gay, and I quite like the ambiguity of that.

“She gets me over to Paris and places to see her shows.

Mathew Horne full name Mathew Frazer Horne, is an English actor, comedian, narrator, and television presenter. He studied A level performing arts at Southwell Minster School in Nottinghamshire, and has a degree in drama from the University of Manchester.

Horne started his comedy career in 2001 as one half of double-act Mat & Mac Kinnon, honing his skills on tour and at the Edinburgh fringe. He is engaged to his actress girlfriend Evelyn Hoskins. However, in August 2018, he sparked rumours that he and his actress girlfriend Evelyn Hoskins had already tied the knot back in August, after he sported a marital-looking ring during an appearance on This Morning.

And I play his understudy who ends up usurping him, although Kylie’s character tries to scupper me.

“It’s a strange, irreverent, retro piece.” Horne, who first got into acting while at the Minster School in Southwell, worked with the writer and director Marc Warren on the Boy George drama, Worried About The Boy, playing Culture Club drummer Jon Moss, so he knew a lot of the crew but it was his first meeting with Kaye and Serafinowicz.

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