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Isolates of NSLAB were obtained from fresh (58 isolates) and mature (38) Feta cheese made at household level in three different mountainous areas, in order to study the effect of the area of production on NSLAB composition and their technological characteristics.

Results obtained by SDS-PAGE of whole-cell proteins indicated that the microflora of the fresh cheese was composed of either lactococci (areas 1, 2), or lactococci and enterococci (area 3).

lw AFTR is the softwire termination point and performs only encapsulation/decapsulation of traffic based on binding table rules.

Since it performs no NAT function, it is considered a stateless function (strictly speaking, it maintains minimal state by means of a binding table).

Species allocation by the SDS-PAGE method was confirmed by sequencing representative strains.

Having considered the transition mechanisms developed by the IETF, MAP-E (RFC 7597) and Lightweight 4over6 (RFC 7596) were recommended as the appropriate means to mitigate IPv4 address exhaustion.

Being a part of Deutsche Telekom Group, lw4o6 was chosen due to DT’s involvement with the technology.

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