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Throughout we will emphasize the importance of developing projects that you, as the educator, find interesting as well.In the end we hope that you will feel confident in your ability to facilitate a meaningful art-making program that leads to new understandings about the creative process and prompts new social connections among participants.ART MAKING BACKGROUND INFORMATION In this section, we'll give you some background information to consider when planning art-making programs for people with Alzheimer's disease, including what our typical program structure includes, benefits of engaging with art in general, basic information about Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, including which symptoms we most frequently encounter, and finally, a general overview of what you can do as an educator to create a successful experience.Let's start with an overview of Mo MA's art making programs for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and their carepartners.Chatliv provides you with an amazing real time and live online Face to Face chatting experience.Unlike other chat sites, you don't have to wait for Stranger to respond.

You can talk to random people at randomly online & Free online strangers meetup in USA, Russia, Europe, UK, India in Asia, Australia, Arab and all over the world.We teach these programs here onsite in the Museum's galleries and studio spaces, and also offsite in care facilities around the city.Based on our work with this audience, we also lead training workshops for arts and health professionals, and have developed educational resources used by staff of museums, care facilities, and other community organizations serving people with dementia and their carepartners. This video is for people involved in dementia care or museum and arts education who want to learn more about how to facilitate an art-making program with people with Alzheimer's disease.In fact, we use them in Mo MA's education programs for people of all ages and abilities.This is because we recognize that engaging with art by making works allows all people the chance to express ideas, talents, and experiences, Create an original object that is unique to them, Experience both tactile and intellectual stimulation simultaneously, Reflect on their creation within a greater context of artistic practice, Explore and exchange ideas with other people in a social environment, And finally, to participate in a meaningful activity that fosters personal growth, These benefits apply no matter who the audience is, but they are particularly significant for individuals with Alzheimer's disease who might be experiencing a dearth of opportunities for cultural engagement and personal development.

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Instead we'll focus on the teaching strategies and other tools necessary for leading a successful art-making program, including: Some background information, like general information on dementia and Mo MA's program structure and approach, and the role of the educator in creating a successful experience How you as an educator conceive of and prepare for your project How to lead your project, step by step And general tips for facilitating successful art-making programs as well as tools for troubleshooting challenging scenarios Throughout we'll include program footage and anecdotes from our experiences.

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