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I use to buy Barbie dolls and then make them anatomically correct. Went through a phase of inflatables but always desired something more real." "I just got tired of walking into an empty house after a stressful day at work.

The fear of being sidelined pushes career-oriented people to focus on their job, neglecting other areas of life.

Posted on December 23 2016 Why do men like sex dolls?

Why do they spend thousands of dollars on lifelike silicone dolls instead of pursuing real women?

It turned out that contrary to the stereotype that men are ready to have sex at any time, they refuse sex more often than women.

28 percent of polled men and 18 percent of polled women admitted they try to avoid their bedroom duties.

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  1. Remain open to the idea of solitude, and when they take their alone-time, try some out for yourself. One of the most difficult realizations you may go through is that it seems like your introverted partner doesn’t need you. It’s one thing to desperately take someone, anyone, out of a need for a partner. They saw something in you that was lovely and worthy and good, and chose you above all others. Extroverts and introverts can have wonderfully fulfilling relationships, but only if both put in maximum effort.