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At the end of each tracement lightly flick the fingers to remove any accumulated negative energy.

You may trace all the main meridians once or several times daily, or you may concentrate on the meridians most in need of improvement.

Following a meridian in the normal flow direction is strengthening, while tracing in the opposite direction will weaken and sedate the meridian.

The results of these tracings may be checked with muscle testing.

Electro-acupuncture instruments are relatively cheap and easy to use.

What you're looking for when you work on an older person, is TENDER AREAS Try to find the tender points by pressing with a thumb or finger in a circular motion around the area indicated for each point on the charts of the meridians.

The strengthening effect may be increased if after several tracings you do a muscle-tensing exercise, Taking a deep breath while tensing your whole body and then relaxing it during exhalation.

You can massage your own chest and if you feel any painful swelling in those nerve nexus plan on avoiding an attack and massage the nerve nodes into subsiding. The human body has energy "highways" on the nerve meridians, that are perhaps similar to other CONDUIT systems, like the veins, but they're not hollow.

THey're made up of nerves so they're more like WIRING in a HOUSE.

In disease, and even BEFORE disease strikes, imbalances develop in these energy flows, causing some of the transformer points to become irritated or congested.

This results in pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles.

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