Methods of dating ancient pottery

Children can be aged by which teeth have emerged from the jaw.

Pitted tooth enamel is an indicator or starvation and malnutrition.

On modern archeologists, the German film director Werner Herzog told Archeology magazine, “It's quite extraordinary what they are doing now.

How they have new, almost forensic-like science to collect pollen and understand the vegetation.

Archaeologists often dig a series of trial trenches to figure out the best places to excavate.^*^ “Many buildings in antiquity had stone foundations (which do survive) and wooden superstructures (which do not).Neither do paints last; the temples and other public buildings which we are used to thinking of as being the color of marble were in fact brightly painted, as were marble statues.The possibility of preservation also depends on the material.Wooden objects and wooden structures in most circumstances do not survive very long (although wood does survive better in wet conditions than dry, and the wooden hulls of ships are sometimes preserved for thousands of years under the sea floor).

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They do things that are unprecedented, in a way, and it's very beautiful to see that. For example, a square foot in one of the caves in the film---it took five months to remove half a centimeter of sediment.

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