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Handsome, charming, and eloquent, and with a light beard of reddish-gray stubble, Hall will talk about death, both as a shadow in his own life and in the roles that have made him famous.Having played one of television’s most radical and remembered gay characters, he will talk about "leaning in" to his own "fluid" sexuality, and the vexed cultural politics around the roles available for openly gay and trans actors and straight actors playing gay and trans roles.But I also think I have an inherent playfulness and silliness about me. “Whether I am consciously drawing on the fact of his having died when he did, or I am not, it’s there: a fundamental part of me.”His mother, Janice, a mental health counselor, was in her late 30s when her husband died.“She lost her partner, her companion, her best friend,” Hall said. I was on the cusp of adolescence, you can’t just tidily fill in whatever blanks are there. You just move forward.” In some ways, his mother’s profession helped both of them deal with the strange mechanics of grief.“It feels like as more time passes we have moments where we just shake our heads and say, ‘That was pretty intense, wasn’t it?He was fascinated that she had once been alive, there, “the idea I had a sister.”“So, there’s an awareness of the fact of death when I was very young. My aunt Linda, my mother’s older sister, died a few years after that. With less of a story.” Hall said he isn’t sure where nature met nurture in his personality.In each year of my high school someone died: 3 instances of a car accident, 2 were in cars one was a pedestrian.” He did not, he emphasizes, have a fascination or preoccupation with death, but rather “an awareness of the fact of it, its inevitability, the fact it is one fate no one escapes.”He was an only child, and “somewhat solitary. It was a serious household, his parents were “hard workers from small towns.” “There was a certain degree of seriousness about themselves,” he said.

Michael is a graduate of NYU's Master of Fine Arts program in acting.

We think we are meeting a man, who may or not be called Thom Pain, in a rented space that may be transitioning from one theatrical performance to another.

It’s not clear where he has come from or where he is headed, if he exists outside this theatrical space.

Hall still feels Bowie’s presence, he said, like an electrical charge near his solar plexus.

Bowie asked Hall the question that comes to many people’s minds: “So, what is it with you and death?

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