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Not Just Because you LOVE someone, so you must to get Married with him/her... It was good until the wife showed up and then it fell to pieces in a hand basket! the mother shouldn't have been in the picture so closely like that *period*... (if that accident hadn't happened she would have been sunbathing on a beach in Miami without even giving a thought to the kids she abandoned).. it really didn't end with a BOOM but with a wtf just happened moment. BY THE WAY, THE CHILDREN HAVE DONE A SUPERIOR JOB UNDER YOONA's CARE. I love this drama, its sad that its not rating well in Korea... for the actors, dont be sadden that it did not rate well.. The main thing all the actors and actress did well and they gave all their best. Lee Beom Soo and Yoona certainly deserves the Best Couple Award. even when kwon yul hug dajung is like butterflies flying around in my stomach ... Haven't the Koreans tried to sell these to any Finnish tv channels or is it just that you wish these your own series to be dispatched to the world wide screen and this way make your industry known to other nations worldwide.Please look at the facts as Kwon-Yul still has had a child and still have a wife living.. (Note:for a korean family, the integrity of the family is much more important, rather than blind love. Can't they see people want romance and for it to spelled out and shown to viewers? it should have ended with NDJ and the PM happily married with the kids around them.... How could the writer made such an unsatisfaying ending like that for this drama. i am utterly disappointed at the writers......god, i've never been so mad before about an ending..was such a good comedy drama and it just ended in failure. maybe they are very conscious when it come to age gaps... i like the storyline, the acting and i like the twist... Loveeee this drama..are in ep 13 and its getting more and more interesting. It is an interesting way of making your fashion and electronic devices and marks known to the world.NY is not bring any good rating or good impact for this drama. and get back to square one again after those painful separation and 16 episode ? not turn the drama became melo in last episode just like what happened on PM and I drama. I had love this drama until episode 17 which made my heart drop a million times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanted Yoona and Lee Beom-Soo with the three children live happily after! How in the world the wife was still alive, when the claim she was dead, didn't they have a funeral or at the accident , did they find her body and claim she was dead? Kim Eun-Hee, Yoon Eun-Kyung (Go Back TO SCHOOL and learn how to WRITE ) Some of this Korean Writer need to go back to school to write better drama ! Maybe I should go to Korea and become a writer and show them how it is done!!!!! To the casts I simply would like to say well done . Anyway, everyone involved in this production is doing a great job. I thought I was the only one getting hooked on Kdramas because they are refreshing, different and enlightening.seriously the writer is very stupid because he bring NY character alive. NY is the one who made this drama became melo in last 4 episode. I can't even recall what had happen from the first episode 1. not recommended drama, watch it since get dollar per ep from my sister haha.know why they get best couple from the award.a boring and minister so leisure haha..hopefully kbs will come out with great drama such as last year, secret. Omg I waited all week for it to come and now i'm so disappointed. Even the dark show Secret had a very satisfying ending. How hard..instance would it be for him to have taken her hand at the end and pull her in?!! I have been watching korean dramas since 10 years ago but this drama certainly a cut above the rest . The chemistry between Yoona and Beom Soo is so great! I watch them to entertain myself but they have been my learning tool about Korean language, culture, education, and their perspective of the outside world. Even i can know the result the end Nam da Jeong will be w/ prime minster , but i still want she will be w/ Chief Kang :) ( The man full of warmly and angle bodyguard , even he not good purpose when in role , but for Nam Da Jeong , he always surely when w/ ) however still support my princesz Yoon A & Prime minster and I , till the end ^^ To the cast, I really like the this Korean drama.Park joonki got the happy ending even Inho's brother is alive again after long coma and NY as the bad mother got the happy ending , but the real lead couple which is DJ and KY got a flat ending ? After such amazing dramas during last few months, as Master's sun, Secret Love, Good Doctor , I can hear your voice or two weeks i can see why this one has so low ratings. This one has an average script with average acting (not actors, i like them all except main girl who needs more work). I think what really matters is how people in there country and overseas supported and enjoyed every episodes. Viewers will always look forward to the next episodes. I know the 2 main characters will end up with each other, but am curious as to the other characters fate---especially HJ who has hung around KY for so long and JK who has held a torch for KY for so long.the lead actress and actor only arrghhhh handshake without explained me where is the 3 kids and i seriously prefer the ending will be NY and DJ with 3 kids in a good time. seriously, the last 4 episode only talked about NY and i really dislike and hate NY character. Lame Flat ending = no wonder they got low rating (only 6%) if you want do romcom then do it until end . After Korean drama industry has raised high standards with much better dramas, we indeed expect better ones... I do believe IH's brother will recover so that should help heal his heart to an extent.I'd love to see how can love bridge their differences. I've already done watching the last episode just now .... Yoona is so cute and I've got admit she suits the role of Nam Da Jung more than the her character in Love Rain. Personally, I could not live under, what seems to many, under what seems like a "despot" parent that does not allow minor or adult children to make any decisions about school, friends, spouses, etc. This could be due to the fact that they were originally ruled by "royalty" and some want to continue this (wishfully) in their private lives. , but good, bad or indifferent, let's not forget, IT'S NOT REAL. That was the most horrible ending drama that I ever watch.

Stronger relationships make stronger families and communities.

NY is not bring any good rating or good impact for this drama. and get back to square one again after those painful separation and 16 episode ? not turn the drama became melo in last episode just like what happened on PM and I drama. Also, Koreans in general just didn't like the drama.

seriously the writer is very stupid because he bring NY character alive. NY is the one who made this drama became melo in last 4 episode. this drama became melo, and i hate it all the evil character got their happy ending . It's a very sweet and light-hearted drama, but it's kind of weak. Hopefully 'Beyond the Clouds' gets high ratings -- it looks promising, I don't understand why ppl are surprised with ratings. I was not enamored with LBS at first because he's not my type, however, by about the 6th episode, he grew on me.

A lot of lessons learned: ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS... It's an endearing film,that one watch and watch again. If l have a female grand daughter l would like her to grow like Nam da jeog(not Im Yoona) I love the duo:kwon yul and da jeog. We like the story but it's kind of floating, and they just had a hand shake in the ending though it means the new beginning of their love story. I'm so hooked with this drama series, Prime Minister and I. And when I'm watching the show, I really want them to be happy together and be so in love with each other. Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyung, the screenwriter/script writer of this k-drama is so awesome. So for that I'm hoping for part 2, because the ending left us hanging and wanting for more. The writers were so nice that the story was able to leave a mark on the viewers to imagine how the story will end based from their point of view. ) :) ;) I am currently watching this drama with my sister; it's hilarious and we laugh every episode^^ the drama also makes us angry and sad; overall it's a good drama at the moment :) Yoona's acting isn't 'over-the-top' great though... it seems like they ran out of time that's why the ending was like that. And if you notice it, the meeting between Kwon Yul and Da Jung happened after probably more than one year after Da Jung left for the trip (hinted by Park Joon Ki having a newborn baby), and their feelings for each other is just as strong as before.

Since it's from KBS, you will never regret it's a great quality drama.... Great chemistry between Lee Beom-Soo and Yoona despite the age difference. I'd love a follow up to it ----the President and I The PM's kids' names: Woori, Nara, Manse...together mean "Our Nation, Hooray! Maybe in part 2, you could title it with, "The President and I". This is my stress-reliever, when I am getting tired of going to work I just watch this series and everything will be fine, this inspires me a lot. I really love the story, it gives all what the viewers want. At the end of the story, those words that they said to each other signifies that it will be a great start to undo things that was done incorrectly when they got married just because of political issues. I'm guessing from the few comments below the ending isn't that good? i feel really disappointed hoping from more of the storey. And for that, I can feel how sweet their relationship is, even without obvious skinship. Lee Beom Soo is definitely the perfect Kwon Yul, and Yoona acting has been improving even more since her last drama.

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