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The judge may award you an absolute divorce if, before you file for divorce, your spouse: Sometimes the spouse who is accused of one of the above fault-based grounds will claim that the other spouse also committed one of the fault-based grounds (known as “recrimination”).

Generally, the only time this type of cross-allegation may affect the judge's decision is in a claim that involves adultery.

In order to obtain child support, you will need to either fill out an application online through the CSEA website or through the mail.

When you apply, you should include the full names of both parents, including nicknames, the last known addresses, and the name and address of the last known employer for both parents.

It will be up to the court to determine how much financial support each parent will owe to the care of the child and to whom that support will be given.If there is a marriage certificate, divorce decree, affidavit of paternity or any other legal paperwork regarding paternity, you need to provide that too.You also will be asked for the child’s birth certificate and social security number.The judge will decide how much and for how long you will get alimony.If you are granted alimony, the judge may order your spouse to start the alimony payments from the date you filed for alimony even if some time has passed since then.

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As a parent, you have a legal right to be able to see your child.

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