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All the stuff you’ve externalized is going to come back.” No, you probably don’t want to invite Rushkoff to your startup party.Over the better part of three decades he’s been pulling back the curtain on the economy, in a smorgasbord of media: not only in books and articles and radio but in documentaries, a format that doesn’t easily accommodate topics like branding or smartphone addiction or an economy built around capital growth and competition rather than sustainability and cooperation.Motherboard: You’re not new to the format, what with your WFMU show, but I wonder what led you to return to it, and what’s valuable about a podcast from your perspective. The internet breaks everything down into its component parts.So even if we’re going to do a “real person doing real things” interview, it should stand on its own as a component.

Given what you’ve written recently, including the piece about Trump being the epitome of a “digital” candidate, do you have any particular hope for the way the internet develops, going forward?“When I first heard digital,” Douglas Rushkoff said at a book event in May, launching into a thought stream, a gyroscopic, physical whirligig of economic theories, history, and emphatic hand gestures, “this is what I thought of as the digits,” and he flitted his fingers.The professor of media studies was there in the early days of the Web, when social networking was message boards and chatrooms, and initially he thought “that the digital age was for people to get back into human creation, human production.Rushkoff has mastered the lecture game too—he is often invited to speak to many of the same tech executives he pillories—and has a knack for the tweetable aphorism (“The more you touch your phone, the smarter your smartphone gets about you and the dumber you get about it.”).But lately, the medium he’s most interested in is face time.

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