Model updating using operational data

Queries and interactions with the PODS database are written in structured query language (SQL), the most common database programming language.

The PODS relational model does not depend on GIS, but a GIS is the most common method for displaying PODS data, either on maps or overlaid on satellite images.

The PODS Pipeline Data Model provides the database architecture pipeline operators use to store critical information, analyze data about their pipeline systems, and manage this data geospatially in a linear-referenced database which can then be visualized in any GIS platform.

The PODS Pipeline Data Model houses the attribute, asset information, construction, inspection, integrity management, regulatory compliance, risk analysis, history, and operational data that pipeline companies have deemed mission-critical to the successful management of natural gas and hazardous liquids pipelines.

In a similar manner, the same linear referencing system is used to locate, and effectively overlay, inspection reports, events, activities, or features, which occur on or near the pipeline.This pipe-centric approach to managing pipeline data in a single data repository, a PODS database, helps pipeline owners to collect, verify, manage, analyze, update, maintain, and deliver all the information about their pipelines quickly and reliably to applications and end-users.Since the data records are linked to the pipe segment, re-route, change of service, asset transfer or sale, abandonment, removal, repair, and replacement are all managed within the PODS database.For example, a pipeline may have a casing that begins at 1000 m from the beginning of the pipeline and is 50 m long.In the database, this casing is represented with a begin station of 1000 m and an end station of 1050 m.

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This linear reference system incorporates location information with every record stored in the database.

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