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Check out these 22 amazing date night movie options. But that's OK, because it's got everything: Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles... The movie has spanned people's "favorites" list for decades, so chances are it's going to be a crowdpleaser for you and your S. Click Here To Watch is one of those movies that's just so good, it fits for almost any occasion.

There's something kind of amazing about the optimism of the main characters, who want to try again with each other, with a literal clean slate, even though they know how they crashed and burned as a couple the first time around.

Click Here To Watch Remember back when we would all go see literally any movie Will Smith was in, no matter how terrible it sounded?

And remember when the reason we did that was because they always turned out to be kind of great (pre- was a part of that dynasty.

You can do it all from the comfort of your own couch!! Just glue it to the front and stick all of your Action Date Night printables inside.

Click Here To Watch This hilarious examination of love, breaking up, and how pop music plays into the whole shebang is good for a date that's equal parts laughing and deep contemplation.

We’ve made this date adaptable to use with any of the films in the action genre, from the Fast and Furious to Mission Impossible.

Just staring at a screen doesn’t always feel like the best way to get closer to your sweetie, but this is MUCH more than a typical movie night!

Use our activities, along with the best action movies, and you have an easy date where you can relax AND connect with your spouse. Whether you are an action movie addict or casual viewer, these hot and spicy printable activities will make your movie night WAY more fun!

So, are you ready to take your movie night to the next level?? Here’s a closer look into all the action movie printables: Each of our Movie Nights Dates comes with a colorful cover to stick on a manila envelope. You can sense this is going to be a hot date night already, right?

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Click Here To Watch has been a date night staple for decades. Try, "You had me at the human head weighs eight pounds." Despite the many years that have passed since this film came out, this movie still holds up as a classic.

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