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It uses MPD, the Music Player Daemon, which can be remotely controlled by almost any device with network access (IOS, Android, PC, WEB interface). If you’re a bit lost among the different possibilities, I have written an overview of what I’ve learned about the home music network.

The following describes precisely the steps I took from receiving the Pi to playing music, in the simplest possible way, without exploring too many alternatives.

In order to interact with mpd, a client program is needed.

Most commonly used client Applications being: Above mentioned applications are console based.

Through plugins and libraries it can play a variety of sound files while being controlled by its network protocol.The fixed address part at least is almost necessary for NFS.The DNS host name is convenient to avoid having to remember and type IP addresses.But before you do this, we want to enable ssh for the future system..In any case, I don’t like this method too much because, later on, either you are stuck with using the numeric IP, or you will need to record the hostname-to-address correspondence somewhere else (either DNS or host file), so that it will be stored in two places (the PI and DNS/hosts).

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